GGIP Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Co-Chair - Sara Thomasy

Co-Chair - Damian Genetos

The principal duties of the Executive Committee shall be to recommend policy for the Group, to receive and act upon petitions from students and faculty and to represent the interests of the Group to various universities and other organizations.

Admissions Committee

Chair - Rob Rebhun

The Committee shall develop criteria for admission of students and screen applications accordingly.  The criteria shall be subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

Educational Policy Committee

Chair - Paramita Ghosh

The function of this committee shall include consideration of all aspects of education in the Integrative Pathobiology Group, including required and elective research and teaching.  This includes review and revision of the curriculum and design of new course offerings and overseeing the submission of course changes.

Recruitment Committee

Chair - Sara Thomasy

The Committee shall develop criteria for membership and screen applications for membership accordingly.  The Committee shall also review on a yearly basis one quarter of the membership and submit to the Executive Committee the names of inactive members.

Research Symposium Committee

Chair - Sara Thomasy, Dr. Fabio Lima, Dr. Kostas Zarbalis, Dr. Austin Viall, Pedro Bernardino, Belle McLennan, and GGIP Coordinator.

Plan and coordinate the annual research symposium and recruitment event for GGIP.