Faculty Membership to GGIP

A prospective member may self-nominate or be nominated by any member of GGIP. An applicant for membership in GGIP must provide the Membership Committee with a list of publications of the past three years describing research relevant to Integrative Pathobiology published in journals, and any other evidence of an active research program. An applicant should provide a list of courses they have taught that are of potential interest to graduate students in Integrative Pathobiology and provide an account of other training activities including service as a major professor or a member of a thesis or qualifying committee/s. Applicants should also indicate their willingness to contribute to the Group as defined below. The Membership Committee will review applications and notify applicants of their decision.

Anticipated contributions may include an active role in the administration of the Group by serving on Group administrative committees; as a graduate adviser (not to be confused with being a major professor); or as an administrative officer of the Group. Other contributions may include participation in graduate level instruction, as appropriate, in addition to research instruction as well as service on dissertation/thesis and qualifying examinations, etc.

If you are interested in joining GGIP please complete the brief electronic survey and send your CV/Biosketch to the Graduate Program Coordinator - Diana Bond (dsbond@ucdavis.edu)