Current Student Executive Committee

  • President: Alana Nguyen 
  • GSA Rep: Anastasia Abello 
  • GSA Rep: Kim Jacobsen
  • GSA Rep: Rebecca Radisic
  • GSA Rep: Lan-Chi Vo

Student Executive Committee

The student executive committee (SEC) is a group of motivated graduate students who are committed to the advocacy of their colleagues. As the student voice for the GGIP, SEC members have unique opportunities in the continuing evolution of our graduate group. The Graduate Group in Integrative Pathobiology enjoys the expertise and insight of a versatile set of successful academics, clinicians, and staff. Working closely with faculty, SEC members gain valuable experience in the determination of academic policy and graduate group management. This exposure is an excellent way to see the “other side” of graduate school and to formulate close mentorships with our faculty. We encourage all interested students to speak with SEC members, as we all work as a team to ensure an educational environment conducive to the needs and ambitions of our graduate students.

General Responsibilities

  • Members organize meetings as needed (summer included). The SEC president sets each meeting agenda with contributions from the entirety of the SEC.
  • Represents the GGIP at the monthly Graduate Student Association (GSA) meetings and reports news, financial information and funding opportunities to the GGIP. Any issue or items put forth by GGIP students can be raised at the monthly GSA meeting, including requests and grievances.
  • Work together to coordinate social events, the annual QE prep seminar, and community fundraisers.
  • Manages the GGIP media accounts (facebook and twitter) and are available to help students navigate the graduate group website.
  • A resource for GGIP students (email addresses are made available to students).
  • Available to the GGIP student listserve to make announcements (GSA meeting summary, funding opportunities, TA opportunities, etc.)
  • Representatives serve on several faculty committees as a student voice.