Course Requirements - Core and Electives (22 units)

Core Courses (20 units)

  • PMI  200 Research Foundations 1 unit

  • PMI 201 Integrative Pathobiology Core I 5 units

  • PMI 202 Integrative Pathobiology Core II 4 units

  • PMI 203 Experimental Design 2 units

  • PMI 270 Advanced Immunology 3 units

  • PMI  290 Qualifying Exam preparation 1 unit

  • MPM 209 Scientific Writing 1 unit

  • Variable (200+) Research Seminar or Journal Club 1 unit

  • RCR series Ethics 0 units

Research Ethics series sponsored by the Office of Research

Elective Courses (2 units)

Electives should accommodate the special interests of the student within the broad field of Integrative Pathobiology. Examples of fields of specialization in which electives may be taken are virology, infectious disease, immunology, pulmonary biology, environmental disease, neurobiology, developmental and stem cell biology, cancer biology, toxicology, cell biology, and molecular pathobiology. There is wide latitude in the electives that the students may pursue, although the electives must be consistent with the student’s dissertation project and be approved by the student’s graduate adviser. Examples of Electives taken by our students include:

  • PMI 298*    Rotation Course   1 unit 

  • MCB  121    Molecular Biology of Eukaryotic Cells   3 units

  • MCB  161    Molecular Genetics    3 units

  • MMI  280    Molecular Pathology of Human and Animal Diseases   3 units

  • IMM  203    Cancer Immunology   2 units

  • MIC  262    Advanced General and Molecular Virology   2 units

  • BIM  189C   Clinical Applications for Biomedical Device Design   2 units

*PMI 298 is an extremely valuable and critical course that is transitioning to a core course. Students are highly encouraged to register for it in their first quarter.

Enrollment Summary


Full-time students must enroll for 12 units per quarter including research, academic, and seminar units. Courses that fulfill any of the program requirements may not be taken S/U unless the course is normally graded S/U. Once course requirements are completed, students can take additional classes as needed, although the 12 units per quarter are generally fulfilled with research units (XXX 299) and perhaps seminars. GGIP students must complete the GGIP - 299 and 299D Request Form quarterly to enroll in research units with their P.I.

Responsible Conduct of Research

All students are required to complete the RCR Seminar Series, hosted by the UC Davis Office of Research. To receive credit for the series, students must attend 8 different seminars to earn a certificate. RCR seminar series certificates should be provided to your academic adviser and the graduate group coordinator. To be clear, you do not register for this course using SISWEB.  Please check back in September regarding the 2024-2025 schedule. A Master of Science degree will be awarded upon fulfillment of the degree requirements. The minimum residency requirement for the M.S. degree is three quarters, but the amount of time spent by most students in this program is six to nine quarters. The thesis fulfills the capstone requirement.