Ala Moshiri, PhD, MD

Ala Moshiri

Position Title
Associate Professor

Department of Ophthalmology
School of Medicine


Area of Research

  • I am a clinician scientist studying developmental biology and disease mechanisms in the retina. I am an ophthalmologist with fellowship training in vitreo-retinal diseases and surgery. I have a background in retinal developmental biology and am active in my own research involving the investigation of novel genetic models of retinal disease using knockout mice. More recently, my basic science and translational research activities have focused on large animal models to study gene therapy and stem cell transplantation to restore visual function to the retina. These experiences have allowed me to apply my background in heritable retinal diseases to mammalian retinal imaging and advanced ophthalmic phenotyping of mice, larger mammals, and human patients. I have extensive experience with clinical electroretinography in mice, larger mammals, and human populations.