Xiao-Jing Wang

Position Title
Robert E. Stowell Endowed Chair in Experimental Pathology

  • Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • School of Medicine

Area of Research

  • Research activities in the XJ Wang Lab include the following:
    • Molecular mechanism of cancer: 1) Role of tumor microenvironment in cancer progression and metastasis; 2) Mechanisms of immune evasion of cancer and cancer immunotherapy; 3) the properties of cancer stem cells; 4) Experimental therapeutics and therapeutic interventions in cancer, including radiation therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and in combination; 5) How radiation therapy affects DNA damage-induced neoantigen production in tumor cells, microenvironment, and systemic effects
    • Therapeutic interventions in chronic wounds, radiation toxicities, inflammatory disease and fibrosis in oral cavity and skin
    • Normal stem cell fate determination during embryonic skin development